The Hideaway exists for the benefit of the whole community. Featuring fun play facilities, a great space for educational sessions and courses for all ages and a refreshment bar; all surplus income generated will be used for the benefit of the local community and wider region. 

Our Story

To learn more about our story, how we came about and what we have planned for the future, please take a look at the document here. 

The Hideaway 2019: Our story, our future

Community Benefit
  • Provide a safe, indoor play space for children aged 0-10

  • Refreshment and seating area for families and children's parties

  • Children’s educational sessions and lessons

  • After-school clubs and educational support services

  • Youth and adult social courses with creche (parenting, money management, relationship support, life skills etc)

  • Local jobs, apprenticeships and work experience (including a staff pastoral support/mentoring/personal development programme)

  • Grants from surplus income will go to local groups operating outside the centre

  • Increase visitors to the town and help grow local economy

  • Dedicated sessions for SEN and those requiring special support

  • Trained volunteer befrienders from the community will build relationships and signpost users to additional support services. 

Charitable Aims
  • Education of children, young people and adults with an emphasis upon personal and social development, spirituality and religious education.

  • To support and enhance the work of schools with regards to religious education and children with special needs or those requiring alternative education provision. 

  • To use creative play and the arts to help children explore their own self-worth, gifts and potential for a positive future – putting in firm foundations on which to build through the coming years. 

  • Bring about social transformation by breaking cycles of deprivation through education, relationships, personal support and partnership with other local organisations with a focus on the most deprived communities in the UK. 

  • Provide fulfilling life-long careers and training for many young adults, raising leaders and boosting the local economy.

Christian Ethos


  • Appoint a board to ensure ‘people before profit’ and that all profits are donated for the direct improvement of the area 

  • Use the centre to provide employment, support, training, education and meeting the needs of the local community 

  • Promote unity, family life, positive parenting and finding creative ways to support and enhance this 

  • Being a centre that embraces and cares for all people from all backgrounds, regardless of faith, culture, race or lifestyle; valuing all equally 

  • Use Biblical stories, principles and teachings to emphasise every individual’s value, worth and potential and to encourage children to love and care for the community and world around them 

  • Partner with local churches, schools and organisations to provide area wide special events and activities.

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