Our Noah's Ark cafe has been a fun and unique place for families to eat since it was built 2 months ago. To make the area covid safe, we've had screens installed between the seats - turning the whole area into fun, themed animal cage booths! Children will love eating here more than ever.


We've also done some work on our menu, moving away from cheap and cheerful cafe food into providing healthy, homestyle hot meals along with our popular pizzas, potatoes and of course our kids menu.


We cater for a whole range of allergies and specific dietary requirements. If you're unsure just ask. We make everything fresh in-house and stock lots of alternatives to popular food such as gluten free chicken nuggets and delicious vegi sausages.

You can order food yourself by going to the counter. Alternatively, you can use the app through the QR code on the menu.

Throughout the cafe there are windows which will be open to provide additional ventilation as well as a high ceiling, and a ventilation system that sucks the air straight upwards and out of the building.

Some important things to note:

  • All the windows can be open. 

  • High chairs are available. 

  • Free Wifi is available. Most tables do not have plug sockets available. 

  • Bringing your own food, drinks or picnic is strictly not allowed. We operate a very clear allergens policy in order to keep everyone safe. Having people bring there own directly violates this policy and could be putting others at risk without you realising. 

  • Children need to be supervised. Families should enter and leave the cafe area together.