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Providing fantastic food has always been a high priority for us. As a play centre our Noah's Ark Cafe has started to provide hot meals for the community in the evenings and with the easing of lockdown restrictions, we can welcome visitors to the cafe for fantastic hot healthy meals. 

For community people who are struggling, we have our own food bank and work with the official South Manchester Food Bank to support the local community regardless of the circumstances. Over the coming months we are planning to work closely with The Bread and Butter thing providing weekly bags of shopping for a very low fee and work with the team from Ear4U to provide cheap food and items for the community. 

The Noah's Ark Cafe has a bookable sessions for family to enjoy great food while they play. Our food can also be delivered locally and ordered online for a low affordable price.

The process of applying for an official food voucher has been done through Citizens Advice. You can now come directly to the Hope Centre and request a food bank parcel who can issue the e-voucher and either arrange collection with you, or arrange delivery.  

In addition to the official food bank, we do hold a stock of donated food that we can distribute to the community as needed. This food can supplement the food bank or just help with a couple of bits in an emergency situation. We welcome donations for our food store. If you need food help call 0161 6600299 or use the form below. 

In the Hideaway corridor we host a community larder. There are shelves and a fridge and members of the community are welcome to drop off unopened unwanted food for others whilst taking anything they could use for themselves.

The Bread and Butter thing are a local organisation who can provide affordable food for anyone struggling. By signing up, for a small weekly fee members will collect bags of shopping that vary each week. Going forward we're planning to work much more closely with TBBT (more news soon) but for now, go to the website and sign up.


Ordering from the Hope Centre

If you live in Partington or Carrington, you can request additional food support from the Hope Centre using the form below. If the form is not working well, please click here to go to an external link. 

The Hideaway

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