Food Support

Providing fantastic food has always been a high priority for us. As a play centre our Noah's Ark Cafe provides fantastic quality meals cooked in-house.

For community people who are struggling, we have our own food bank and work with the official South Manchester Food Bank to support the local community regardless of the circumstances. Over the coming months we will be opening our own Hope Centre Store and working with local partners to ensure everyone has fair access to affordable food and help.

Partington Food Bank

If you have received a red or evoucher for the food bank, contact us directly to arrange delivery. You can request a parcel directly from the Hope Centre who can issue the e-voucher and either arrange collection with you, or arrange delivery.  

Hope Food Bank

In addition to the official food bank, we do hold a stock of donated food that we can distribute to the community as needed. We also have frozen meals if needed. If you need food help call 0161 6600299 or use the form below.

We welcome donations for our food store from businesses and individuals.

Donation info

Community Larder

In the Hideaway corridor we host a community larder. There are shelves and a fridge and members of the community are welcome to drop off unopened unwanted food for others whilst taking anything they could use for themselves.


The Bread and Butter thing are a local organisation who can provide affordable food for anyone struggling. By signing up, for a small weekly fee members will collect bags of shopping that vary each week. Going forward we're planning to work much more closely with TBBT (more news soon) but for now, go to the website and sign up.


The Noah's Ark Cafe has a bookable sessions for family to enjoy great food while they play. When the Hope Store opens in March 21, delicious meals can be ordered and freshly prepared for collection at the Hope Store same or next day.


Food Donation Help needed

Do you or does someone you know work around food?

The Hope Centre has been providing struggling local residents with essential items since the pandemic started in March 2020. Items distributed are all donated or purchased with donated funds.

In early Spring 2021 the Hope Centre Store will be opening, providing long term support for local residents alongside our community partners.  

We desperately need to find generous businesses and individuals who can regularly help by donating food, excess stock and essential items.

If you can help, please do get in touch.

If you're an individual that would like to donate food to our food bank, this can be dropped in to the Hideaway Mon-Fri.

We are currently in weekly need of:
Milk -100 x 2l
Bread - 100 x loaf
Eggs - 50 dozen
Potatoes - 50 kg
Mince meat -100 x 500g
Sausages x 800
Chicken fillets x 400
Cheese – 100 x 250g
Margarine 100 x 250g
Fresh fruit and vegetables (as much as possible)
Cereal - 100 x boxes
Pasta or rice - 100 x bags
Cooking oil x 25l
Flour x 25 bags or 1 sack
Tea, coffee, sugar x 100
Tins of beans, tomatoes, pasta sauce, meat, fruit, rice pudding biscuits x 100
Also bleach, j-cloths, soap powder,
washing up liquid, toiletries.


Ordering from the Hope Centre

If you live in Partington or Carrington, you can request additional food support from the Hope Centre using the form below.