Hideout Support Groups


Thursday and Friday Hideout is the name of two new sessions created specifically to support children who are finding things especially tough during these difficult times. It's for Key Stage 2 children (those in year 3-6 at primary school) and provides chance for children to meet with others and look at a particular topic each week. 


Friday Hideout is especially for children who are currently struggling with their mental wellbeing. 

Each week the hour and half structured session is packed with activities, crafts, games, play time, Bible stories and a chance to learn more about our topic of the week such as confidence, caring, courage, calmness and communication. We'll look at the challenges of the season we're in, think through our responses, feelings and behaviour and help children feel more equipped to deal with the situation they're facing.  

The sessions are planned carefully by an experienced team, with sensitivity to the specific needs of the individuals in the group.

Everything will be done with safety in mind and fully risk assessed. 

We do ask 1 adult to attend with the child and stay throughout the session. Parents are welcome to sit in upstairs or in the café whilst the session takes place in our classroom. Please do not bring any other children or adults to the session. 

If you live in Partington or Carrington and cannot afford the cost of the sessions, please contact our team using the main contact us form to discuss.