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We know these are worrying times. You are not alone. Since the middle of March we have been working tirelessly as a community response hub that you can rely upon throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have family, friends and good neighbours they can turn to in times of crisis and our community is fantastic at this. For some though, they're not so fortunate and worried about accessing food, collecting prescriptions, feeding their pets and generally being cared for over these crisis months. 

Our hub is here to support every resident of Partington, Carrington and Warburton. We're not interested in your financial status, meeting our criteria for support or where you live. We understand that every situation is different and many people simply need help now and we're here to do whatever we can. 


What are we doing?
Our aim is to make sure that every single member of our community is taken care of, that no one is missed, and that the support is provided in the safest possible way for everyone. 

The aim of the centre is to:
•    Co-ordinate local volunteers and support organisations
•    Channel resources from inside and outside the community to those who need it
•    Ensure that no one is missed, and everyone is taken care of
•    Ensure that everyone can eat healthily every day
•    Signpost people to additional support as required

What does this look like?

We’re working closely with Trafford Council, Partington Food Bank, Your Housing Group, Trafford Housing Trust, People's Church and other organisations to gather as much resource as possible to support our community. 

Since the start of this crisis we have given away well over £30,000 worth of food and energy support to local families in addition to the hundreds of food parcels that have been paid for. Currently you can still:

  • Order basic essential items through our website or over the phone for free doorstep drop delivery by local volunteers

  • Request food support if you're in financial difficulty

  • Request errands such as prescription collections or meter top ups if you can't get out

  • Provide hot meals delivered to the doorstep

  • Provide financial support and subsidised food/meals for anyone who is genuinely struggling financially

  • Signpost to additional support services

  • Provide a daily well-being phonecall for anyone concerned about being alone or their mental health

If you are in urgent need of support:

  • Food bank: You may qualify for a parcel from the food bank. To get an e-voucher for the foodbank, contact Trafford Assist here or call Citizens Advice on 0300 330 9073. 

  • Energy: if you don't have the money available to top up your meter, please call your energy company. Many energy companies will assist with credit in extreme circumstances such as these. 

  • Social Payments: For help and advice with universal credit or other financial issues, call the Citizens Advice Bureau on 0300 330 9073

  • Mental health: If you are concerned for your mental health and don't feel able to keep yourself safe, please call the Samaritans on 116 123 

If you cannot get the support that you need through the means listed above, we may be able to help. In some cases we may able to help with subsidised food or meals and energy bills. Please call our team or email and we can look at support options. 

Currently we are open:

Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

Orders can be placed anytime online


If you would like to volunteer to help, please see here. 

For your safety: Please only accept offers of help from people that you know and trust. 

You can get in touch at any time with the Hope Centre Partington, especially if your circumstances suddenly change.
Phone: 0161 6600299
Text: 07494 046926

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