Worried about Coronavirus in our community?

Lots of people are anxious right now. We know there’s a chance that schools will need to close and this leaves big financial questions for lots of people. For many people finance is already tight and free school meals are relied upon. For some who are financially stable working hours are being reduced and jobs are being lost. We know that it’s a worrying time.
On top of that many of us have vulnerable neighbours or family that we’re concerned about and that will rely on us. You may be wondering how to help them if you’re unwell, or struggling yourself. For the majority of us we want to help each other, but recognise we may need help too.We need to make sure that every single member of our community is taken care, that no one is missed, and that the ‘care’ is provided in the safest possible way for everyone.We are in the process of turning the Hideaway temporarily into the Hope Centre Partington – our local crisis centre through this time. The aim of the centre is to:
·       Co-ordinate local volunteers and support organisations
·       Channel resources from inside and outside the community to those who need it
·       Ensure that no one is missed, and everyone is taken care of
·       Ensure that everyone can eat healthily every day
·       Signpost people to additional support as required

We’re working closely with Trafford Council and other organisations to gather as much support and resource as possible to support our community. If you are struggling, concerned about others or expect to be struggling over the following months, please complete the form and return it to us asap. This support is available for Partington and Carrington residents.

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