Mum&me is a group for new parents that has been specifically created to support parents during lockdown. It's chance for new parents to meet other parents in person for mutual support and encouragement. Whilst these sessions are legally allowed, there are a strict set of criteria and government guidelines that it's vital we adhere to.  

Mum&me FAQ

Who is it for?

Despite the name, mum&me is actually for all parents who have  become parents at some time during the last 18 months. This includes dads and parents of looked after children. 

It does not however include childcare providers or grandparents - just primary carers. We are sorry but it's not a general toddler group, but specifically to support people who have very young children through this incredibly difficult period of isolation. 

Can I bring my other children?

Yes...however, there are some caveats. 

 - Any children you bring must not currently be in any other childcare setting to reduce risk of infection

 - Children must legally be under 5

 - Movement is kept to an absolute minimum and most of the fun Hideaway stuff for older children is not allowed. This means parents potentially need to keep a toddler still and away from other children for an hour and half whilst surrounded by a soft play, bouncy castle, role play town etc that they can't use. 

What can I bring?

Our cafe is currently closed and we're not allowed to provide refreshments. Please bring whatever you and your baby needs including food and drink. 

Can I bring another adult?

Legally the sessions can only have 15 parents present. We're really keen that as many people as possible benefit so at this time we're saying that only one adult may attend until restrictions are eased.


What if i'm late?

No problem at all. The session is 1.5 hours, if you arrive late or leave early that's no problem. 


Can I get a refund?

The booking is for 6 sessions. Once you've attended one session we're unable to provide a refund. If you can't attend however, please let us know as we may be able to give your place to someone on the waiting list. 

How do I book?

Go to our booking page here.