Our Values and Ethos

The Hidden Treasure Discovery Centre’s (T/A the Hideaway) work is underpinned by a clear definition of its Ethos and Values, which affirms the Christian origins of the company and its ongoing day-to-day working principles. 

A Statement of ethos and values is in place (see below) to demonstrate how the Christian Faith energises the organisation’s work and sustains its culture, galvanising its long-term cohesion. The Director’s, Executive Board and Management posts within the organisation have been recognised as carrying a Genuine Occupational Requirement. This is to ensure that the organisation’s distinctive Christian basis is sustained and prioritised as the organisation continues to develop. 

The Hidden Treasure Discovery Centre is an inclusive Christian organisation, working with and supporting people from all sections of the community. In particular the Statement explains how organisations and individual people from all faiths or no faith can identify with and benefit from the services and support that the organisation provides: 

Statement of Ethos & Values: ‘For individual and Community Transformation’

We maintain the Company’s Christian ethos which is founded on a belief in God the Father as Creator, Jesus Christ the Son of God the Redeemer, and The Holy Spirit, the Enabler and third person of the Trinity. The organisation also affirms that the practical application of the Christian faith in accordance with the Bible should be expressed in daily work and living. 

As a Christian organisation working with and supporting people from all sections of the community, we recognise the need to set out our values. These are clearly drawn from our Christian faith and our aim is that all our staff, volunteers, clients, service users, funders and business partners should be able to identify with the benefits of the organisation’s work and ethos: 

We seek to empower staff to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and other service users as well as the requirements of the organisation overall. We will support staff through a comprehensive induction and training programme, backed up by strong supervision and an external mentor to assist with professional and personal development. Hidden Treasure seeks to establish a culture that encourages teamwork, rewards creativity and innovation, and welcomes imaginative suggestions. Key attributes that Hidden Treasure seeks in all its staff members and volunteers include valuing one another, honesty and integrity, the importance of the individual, respecting differences, a profound compassion, and working in an inclusive, non-discriminatory and non-judgemental way. 

We expect all staff to work together to achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation. To achieve this, staff will act as team players in supporting one another, recognising that more is achieved through harmony. We acknowledge and value contributions to our operation arising from the diversity of staff who join the organisation, and actively look to promote links and partnerships between the  organisation and other service providers, local groups and agencies. To ensure all staff work as team players, we seek to create an environment where openness, trust and support of one another is expected. Our formal supervision policies place this expectation on all staff. 

Our philosophy is to recognise the dignity and diversity of our clients and service users, to respect their independence, and to work with them to help meet their needs. Our staff will create an environment where our clients and service users are encouraged to take control of their lives and have the ability to exercise choice wherever possible. All staff and volunteers will accept their responsibility and accountability to treat clients and service users as they would wish to be treated, and challenge any practice that does not meet this standard at all times. Respect for the individual’s freedom of choice will be paramount at all times. We strive for excellence and the highest quality of service delivery in all services provided at all times. 

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