Personal Support

Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. We all need to be heard, to feel that someone understands, to be reminded that our feelings and circumstances matter and sometimes, we need someone to believe in us, to encourage us and to stick with us when no one else does. At the Hideaway we have a fantastic team of lovely volunteers who simply want to be that friend; listening to you, championing you, encouraging you and pointing you in the right direction. 


Sometimes we just need to know that someone sensible has our back, a word of advice and encouragement. If you would benefit from someone to have a chat with either on the phone or in person, either regularly or as a one-off, drop an email. 


There are hundreds of organisations, services, groups and activities out there that can help people in every way imaginable. The problem is where do you start? Our Hope team have acquired a wealth of local knowledge and if they can't help, they will know someone who can.

Prayer and Pastoral

As an organisation with a fundamentally Christian ethos, we believe that prayer has a vital role to play in encouragement, mental well-being and can change physical circumstances. We work closely with local churches and have team members who are happy to offer prayer, pastoral support and spiritual guidance.