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Children who have Special Needs, Disabilities and the parents that love and care for them are a huge priority for us at The Hideaway. We know that during lockdown many children have suffered in all kinds of ways, and those that already struggle with recognised additional needs have often been impacted even more.


Hover over the buttons below to see the different support we have available for SEND families. 

Consistent Staff
*available in SEND sessions
Families will see familiar faces every week & staff can become familiar with the individual needs of the children
Visual Timetable
Children can create their own timetable with support from an accompanying adult. Enables structure to the visit and encourages a gradual increase in a range of experiences.
Picture Food & Drink Menu
A Velcro menu that enables children to choose food and drinks in the café.
Now-Next Board*
*available in SEND sessions
For children not yet ready for a visual timetable. the board displays the theme for the session and the activities.
No overhead music or hand dryers

*available in SEND sessions
To reduce sensory overload and anxiety.
Social Stories
We have a social story on our website to introduce children to our setting. Staff are having training in order to write social stories for specific children & contexts when required.
Quiet Room
*available in SEND sessions
During SEND sessions we are currently using our classroom as a quiet space for children to use with their adult. There are plans for a purpose built room in the future.
Weekly SEND Sessions
An exclusive session for SEND families with limited numbers and extra provisions.
If you require further support, the Hideaway staff have good relationships with local schools and services and are willing to support families at their request.

Social Story

Social Stories are a fantastic tool to help prepare children for visiting new places. 


We have prepared a new social story  for you to read before visiting us at the Hideaway.


After school session for SEND (Our Club)

Children with SEND often prefer the Hideaway when it's a little quieter, and we're able to make the space slightly more friendly for particular needs.

We will be running regular SEND sessions during term time. The sessions will feature visual supports to assist with using the space, turning off the music and hand dryers and having a range of special themed activities each week.  Visit us on Tuesdays at 4pm for our SEND sessions.

Quiet session (Our Club Jnrs)

Our Quiet session is just for children with SEND (additional needs) and their families, plus children with undiagnosed needs that would benefit from a much quieter sessoin. We work hard to make the Hideaway as friendly, quiet and accessible as possible for anyone with additional needs and our team are on hand to help with this. The session is for children under 5 years old with diagnosed and undiagnosed additional needs.

We know that under 5s are often not yet diagnosed with an Additional Needs diagnosis, but you may also be aware that your child struggles with the regular play sessions for whatever reason. This session is for you. Our experienced and trained team are on hand not only to give your child a fantastic play session, but can offer you support and advice as you begin to navigate the complexities of raising a child with additional needs. Visit us on Tuesdays at 9:30am.

Holiday Clubs Summer 2022

We are delighted that The Hideaway have been awarded grant funding to continue supporting children through the summer holidays. As the clubs are fully funded, they are open to children across Trafford.

The sessions we can offer are as follows.

Our Club Summer Club

Our Club is the name of our regular Additional Needs play session which is open to all children. Over the summer we will be running a week of Our Club sessions to give children with Additional Needs the opportunity to experience their own Holiday Club. Its expected the same group of children would attend each day.

Dates: Monday 25th July – Friday 29th July, 3pm – 5pm

For:      Children aged 5-11 with diagnosed and undiagnosed Additional Needs

Includes: Structured play time, appropriate activities on a theme for the week, meal and drink

Other info: Carers are encouraged to stay and use the time to meet other carers. However if you feel your child will cope ok without you present, you are welcome to drop them off and collect. Our staff ratio will be around 1:4.

Cost: Fully funded

Hideout Summer Clubs

Hideout is a club for a smaller group of children who would benefit from a bit of extra time and support in a small group setting. This may be due to external circumstances effecting the child (for example bereavement), struggling to manage their own emotions or mental health, problems with anxiety or social challenges with peers and they just struggle to make friends. The sessions are all planned and tailored by professionals with the type of children attending in mind.

Hideout Summer Clubs are for small groups of children who are expected to come to each session during the week. There will be some fun activities to help with understanding behaviours and emotions, crafts and fun, some free play time and dinner together. Year groups are based on 21/22 (current) school years. These sessions take place whilst the Hideaway is open to the public, though much of it is based in the Ark.


1st Aug - 5th Aug - Reception/Year 1

8th Aug - 12th Aug – Year 2/Year3

15th Aug - 19th Aug – Year 4/Year 5

22nd - 26th Aug – Year 6 (focus on transition)


For:      Children in the stated year groups who would benefit from a small club where they can make friends, have fun and do some covert activities to improve their mental health and anxiety.

Includes: Appropriate and fun activities, meal and a drink, unstructured supervised play time.

Other info: Carers are welcome to stay and use the café, but welcome to drop off children and collect later. Our staff ratio for this group will be around 1:2. The Hideaway is open so siblings may wish to pay and play in the usual way (40% discount).

Cost:    Fully funded

Meet the Our Club Team
Here are the staff that you can expect to meet on your visit to Our Club at The Hideaway

Lisa- Family Support Worker
Rose - SENCo
Megan- Play Assistant
Image from iOS (14).jpg
Carol- Cafe Team Leader
Doing Homework

Parent Support

Being a parent or carer of a child with special needs can sometimes feel daunting. Lisa is available to support parents as they navigate caring for their child. 

If you need someone to chat to over a brew, share experiences, advice, or would like connecting with further support then contact Lisa.

Local SEND Support

You can find and access further SEND information and support for families on the Trafford SEND Local Offer. Click the button below to visit the website.


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