Children who have Special Needs, Disabilities and the parents that love and care for them are a huge priority for us at The Hideaway. We know that during lockdown many children have suffered in all kinds of ways, and those that already struggle with recognised additional needs have often been impacted even more. 

As we re-open from day 1 we plan to continue supporting parents and children in every way we're able. 

Young children with covid anxiety

It's been an immensely difficult time for almost everyone. For a young child the world is weird and confusing and some they've naturally picked up on some of our anxieties. 


Helping young children to make sense of the new world is a priority for us. Every Monday at the 11.30am session we will be joined by an expert for a Q and A session to help us deal with anxiety in our children. She will be using puppets and stories to help children manage and make sense of the changing world around us. To take part, book the Monday 11.30am slot during term-time.


After school session for SEND

Children with SEND often prefer the Hideaway when it's a little quieter, and we're able to make the space slightly more friendly for particular needs.

Our Club will restart every Wednesday evening from 4.30pm - 7pm for children with SEND and their family. We use PECS to help with using the space, turn off the music and hand dryers and have a range of special themed activities each week. The whole family can enjoy a hot cooked meal together. 

Parents drop-in

Our parents drop in is a space for parents of children with SEND to meet together in the classroom for a brew, a chat and mutual support. 


Experts from various fields sometimes join the group to offer additional support and advice. The group meet in the classroom and are able to use the cafe as well. Lisa leads the group and is friendly and always available to listen. 

The group meet on Thursday mornings from 9.30am - 11.30am. Simply turn up or for more information speak to Lisa. 

Please note if your children wish to play, they will need to be supervised. We recommend pre-booking the 11.30am slot after the meeting for them. 


6 week exploring feelings courses

We will shortly be running 6 week exploring feelings courses for primary school and infant children. These will be free after school sessions. 

Many children are struggling with the effects of the coronavirus situation. We're shortly going to be running free after school courses with small groups for any children who are particularly emotionally effected and would benefit from additional support. More information on this coming soon.

Social Story

Social Stories are a fantastic tool to help prepare children for changes such as visiting the Hideaway whilst it looks a little different.  


Our staff are busily preparing a new social story to account for the changes taking place to make the Hideaway safer, and hopefully more fun! This will be available shortly. 


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