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Support Us

We're a charity! The Hideaway is part of Hidden Treasure Trust CIO, a grassroots charity that support families in Greater Manchester and beyond, and local residents.

There are loads of ways to support the Hideaway and our wider work. You can of course visit us, use our facilities and make the most of our play centre. As a charitywe rely on having a busy play centre for much of our income as well as using the centre to support those who visit us. Using our centre and cafe and choosing to pay the 'Donation' rate is a great way to support our work. 

Unfortunately though, we can only generate around half of the income we need to offer the support we do this way. There are lots of other ways to help too! 


How can you help?

Donate food

In 2021 we gave away over £150,000 worth of food to those in need in the local community. We re-distribute all types of food donations through the Hope Centre. 

Make a financial donation

Financial contributions can make an incredible difference to what we do.

Donate time

Volunteers are absolutely vital to the success of all we do. Currently volunteers deliver food parcels, make wellbeing calls and do admin. Over the coming weeks we need help in our community shop and there are many many other opportunities for volunteering. 

Donate toys

We have a range of lending libraries, exchange points and uses for toys and books, old and new.  

Make a financial donation


The easiest way to support our work financially is directly through a bank transfer. This is usually quickest and easiest via online or telephone banking and incurs the least amount of additional charges for us. If you would like to use this method, our charity bank details are here. 

Hidden Treasure Trust CIO

Unity Trust Bank

Account: 20455350

Sort code: 60 83 01

You can of course also use Paypal or go old school and use cash or write a cheque!

If you are a UK taxpayer, we can recover 25% on your donation from the government by completing the form below. If you make a donation (Gift Aid or not, regular or one-off) please use the form below along with your donation so that we can record it properly.


Ways to donate


If you can make a one-off donation either to support our work in general or for something specific, you can use our bank details here and complete the form above to claim Gift Aid. 

Account: 20455350

Sort: 60 83 01

Hidden Treasure Trust


If you have collected cash and need to hand that in, please deliver it by hand to 

The Hideaway, Partington Shopping Centre, Central Road, Partington, Manchester,

M31 4EL

Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm

Standing Order

If you prefer to set up a standing order from your bank account, you can contact your bank and set up a Standing Order using the details here. 

Unity Trust Bank

account: Hidden Treasure Trust

Account number: 20455350

Sort: 60 83 01


You can use paypal to set up a regular monthly payment using your bank cards or bank account. 


If you are a little more old school and prefer pen and paper, cheques should be made payable to Hidden Treasure Trust and sent to The Hideaway, Partington Shopping Centre, Partington, Manchester, M31 4EL. Please include your name, address and a contact number. 

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