Our local hub can only work with a lot of help from local volunteers. Whether you're isolated or young, well and able to run around, we do need lots of people to help. 

Tasks include: Doorstep food delivery, wellbeing phonecalls, leaflet drops, taking food orders, dog walking, prescription collections and running errands. 

If you live locally and would like to lend a hand to your neighbours within Partington, Carrington or Warburton, simply complete the form attached here and email it to us at hope@thehideawaymanchester.com 

You don't need to provide a reference or a recent DBS to help, but if you can it will allow us to allocate jobs depending on your suitability. 

Alternatively if you're available to support other parts of Trafford or willing to go wherever you're most needed, please call the Trafford Coronavirus Support line on 0300 330 9073 and you will be directed to where help is most needed. 

Next, please watch the training video below. This will give you a good overview of our safer working practices. After that, we will be in touch. Thank you so much for being willing to help. 

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