The Hideaway for grown-ups

We have lots of fantastic courses, events and activities taking place  all the time at The Hideaway. Our courses are all part of our unique Life Builder programme. Life Builder is the name of our mix and match courses, workshops and training that currently run in the evenings at The Hideaway. Life Builder courses are run in partnership with local service providers and Course Leaders are accredited local experts and in-house Teachers. Life Builder courses are all about taking a little time out from our busy lives and finding new ways of working, new ways of thinking and developing new skills. Courses range from the very practical to the very mindful and are open to anyone that feels they may benefit in any way from the training available. 

We also have some fantastic activities taking place for adults this summer at the Hideaway. 

Coffee Mates

Mondays and Thursdays

9:30 am

Parenting can be a lonely journey and many parents can be left feeling alone as they spend precious time with their little ones. Our Coffee Mates sessions are ideal for parents who find themselves visiting the Hideaway alone with children. Simply sit at the Coffee Mates table instead of on your own and make new friends! 

Cake, crochet and colouring!



Every Monday afternoon at the Hideaway we offer a session for adults to come along learn how to crochet or do a bit of colouring and enjoy a slice of cake! It's a great way to make new friends too. Entry is just £2.50 and that includes a piece of cake and your craft equipment. 

Playing cards, pie and peas



Whether you're visiting the Hideaway with or without children, feel free to get stuck in to our special session on Tuesday afternoons. We have a range of board games available along  with home made pie and peas for just £3.50. A great way to spend those summer afternoons with new friends. 

Grandparent Special - afternoon tea



Lots of grandparents visit the Hideaway with their grandchildren. On a Wednesday afternoon we're now serving a lovely cream tea (£3.50) or traditional full afternoon tea (£12). Adults are free for this session and you're welcome to visit with or without grandchildren. 

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