Hidden Treasure Discovery Centre

The Hideaway is phase 1 of the new centre in Partington. Phase 2 will see the entire play space transformed into a state of the art play facility which is unique in the UK. When the centre re-opens it will be called the Hidden Treasure Discovery Centre. 

What is Hidden Treasure all about?

Hidden Treasure logo

A unique play centre; the UK’s first themed Play Centre which uses fun and creative activities to help children explore their own worth, potential and spirituality through play.

Plans are still very much in development and we’re working closely with a fantastic team of architects and play specialists to design the perfect unique environment that children will want to visit again and again. 

Our Aims

  • To enable tens of thousands of individual children to understand more about their self-worth and personal potential through creative play, stories, crafts and songs

  • To provide Partington, the surrounding area and the North-West Region with a central, stable, accessible, affordable and educational resource of the highest quality

  • To use all resources available to teach children three key principles:
    o    Everyone is valued and special
    o    Every child has infinite potential
    o    Every child has an irreplaceable role to play in their local and global community 

  • To use the facility to fund and host other essential community resources 

  • To increase visitors to Partington, boost local business and investment and provide jobs and training opportunities for local adults and youths

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