Introducing, the Hideaway Helpers Hub!

Here at The Hideaway we want to play our part in making Partington a place where all people feel loved and welcome, and all people know they are valued and have a role to play in our community.

This term we are Launching The Hideaway Helpers Hub. This will be a group of adults who meet together on a weekly basis. The group will be encouraged and empowered to run its own activities for others in the community. Group sessions will include social time, team work activities, opportunities to grow in confidence and self-esteem, event planning time and any training that the group feel they need to be able put on the events they have planned or to further grow in confidence and skills.

The Hideaway Helpers Hub would be great for anyone who feels they would benefit from an opportunity to meet with other people, support with confidence in working with others, or just want be a part of doing something positive and proactive.

If you think you or someone you know would benefit from being a part of this group do please get in touch.


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