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Poor old Santa is having a bad day! He’s struggling to sleep as he wrestles with some tricky questions. Who gets to be on the naughty list? What makes a child good? Aren’t we all grumpy or mean sometimes? Follow Santa’s adventure as he crashes straight into the answer to his questions one magical Christmas Eve...

This book shares the gospel story in a gentle yet thoughtful way, presenting a challenge to parents and children alike as Santa discovers God's amazing grace for himself. 

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A little elf called Clive is struggling to find his place in Santa's workshop. After heading out to find out if there's more, Clive finds his way into trouble. The question is will anyone save him?

This book is a parody of the lost sheep parable; a story that Santa shares with the little Elf. The story helps children to understand how important they are to God through Clive's journey of discovery. 

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This book is copyrighted and printing or replication of any kind is illegal without prior consent.


Life has changed a great deal for little Tom Grey. A new home, new school, new friends, and an awful lot to learn!


This is the first book in the Puddletown Saga series and all about friendship. The books have been designed for young families to read together each day over a family meal, following the daily adventures of Tom Grey and his animal friends. Each day the story presents the lovable characters with a dilemma or challenge to overcome.


This enjoyable series is ideal for cultivating quality conversation, helping young families to explore their own values, beliefs, and priorities together.

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Sometimes I feel is scared follows the story of Adam, a young boy who is scared of lots of things. Adam goes in search of answers, eventually finding the secret of his own grandad's bravery. 


This delightful A5 short story is ideal for children aged 2-8 who sometimes struggle with fear. It teaches them to use a tried and tested technique for overcoming fear through taking those fears to Jesus.