Family Support

The Hideaway is all about families. Along with our play space and cafe, all families can access a range of support through the Hideaway and through signposting to our friends and partner organisations. 


Speech and Language

Good communication with our children is vital for their development. We work really closely with the local Speech and Language team to support our visitors in a range of ways. Our team have all been trained in understanding the importance of communication and our communication champions can deliver WellComm assessments if you feel your child may benefit from a speech and language referral. 


Lending libraries

In our corridor the book exchange is available for all children and adults to help themselves to books anytime and swap for books they've finished with. Our brand new toy library can be used by all children at any time. Just pop in to use it and swap your toys. The toy library includes story sacks which your child will love.

We also have a range of digital tools to help residents who are more local. These include ipads, laptops, blood pressure machines and TVs.


Courses and workshops

Through our Step-up programme and partners we offer a range of courses and resources to support parents. Parents can sign up for Step up and learn about food, money management, energy, mental well-being and employment. 

We offer regular free parenting courses and training in areas such as first aid. 

We will be running a new support group for new mums, parents suffering with poor mental health and more. 



We know that parenting can be really tough at times. We work closely with the local early years team and many other agencies, organisations, churches, charities and groups that can offer an enormous range of services from food bank vouchers to prayer support to referrals to the Early Years team. If you need any help and don't know where to turn, our team will be happy to have a chat.


Special Needs

Supporting the families of children with special needs is a huge priority for us at the Hideaway. We have a full time qualified SENCo on our staff team to plan sessions and groups and work with parents. We have special SEN sessions during the week and a new support group for parents. Our centre has PECS to help children and a social story to help prepare them for a visit.



Mum&me is the name of our lockdown baby support group session. It takes place on a Tuesday morning from 9.30am especially for mums who have had babies during this lockdown period. It's a place for mutual support, for babies to meet one another and play and a place to get informal advice from a range of visiting professionals.