Throughout the coronavirus pandemic the Hideaway has been operating as a community response hub providing food and a huge range of support for our community. What this means is that since day one we've been used to working in a new way - ensuring that our team, volunteers and the thousands of people we've been in contact with are kept as safe as possible - taking all necessary precautions to care for those who are at highest risk from the virus. 

As we've carefully considered how to re-open the Hideaway in the safest way possible, we've taken into account all government guidance as well as what we consider best practise. It's absolutely essential that we don't simply do the bare minimum and get away with what we can, but that we ensure everyone is kept as safe as they possibly can be whilst enjoying the Hideaway. 


The Hideaway has been divided into 6 different play zones. A construction zone, the new Creation Station, the sport and games area, the soft play, the baby zone (including bouncy castle), and the role play zone. Each zone has its own entrance and will have a limited number of children allowed to play in there at a single time. 


We have 6 toilets which have been colour coded. Groups will be assigned their own toilet which may be shared with up to 2 other families. These can be cleaned by request and will be cleaned between every session. On private zone sessions each family will have their own toilet. If staff use toilets, these will be cleaned immediately afterwards.


Our play centre is light and airy. We have opening windows throughout that will remain open. Our high ceilings cause the warm air to rise and fans in the ceiling throughout the centre suck the air upwards and straight out of the building. Please be aware it might be cooler due to the open windows. 


Items that carry a high transmission risk and are difficult to clean such as the ball pool and dressing up clothes have been removed for now. We've divided our toys into separate boxes (for example cafe food or books) and after each session the toys will be swapped out for a box of clean toys. We've invested in lots of new toys so you will think there's more than there used to be, not less! Wipes are available for parents to wipe small toys such as play food after use by their child.


All visitors over 11 are kindly asked to wear face coverings unless they are unable to do so for health reasons. Our staff may also wear face coverings. All visitors will be asked to sanitise their hands on entry and exit (including children) and sanitising stations are located throughout the Hideaway. We kindly ask you to use them as you enter different zones. 

Risk assesments

The range of risks associated with opening a venue like the Hideaway have been very carefully considered from all angles. Our safety team have worked closely with managers and staff to create an environment that is as safe as it possibly can be for your family. A copy of this assessment is available for you upon request. 


After each session our team will thoroughly clean each of the play zones. Every evening the centre will be deep cleaned by our team.

Wipes will be available for adults to grab and clean any items they're concerned about before or after their child has used them. We do ask for your co-operation and thoughtfulness in this. 

For added peace of mind every 28 days our entire facility is cleaned by a specialist company with a cleaning system that claims to protect all surfaces for the full 28 days - regardless of who touches it.


Our cafe will be using table service. All visitors will be assigned a table number on entry. You can order food and drinks any time by ticking the paper menu (in the play area) and handing that to a member of staff. You can also select the time that you would like to eat or drink, so your food can be ready at your table at the end of your 2 hour play session if you wish.  You will be alerted that your food is ready over the tannoy. Payment will be taken as you exit the Hideaway. 


The number of children we have in the Hideaway will be limited for the time being. This will be strictly enforced and will include babies. There will be no more than 6 children at any one time in a play zone (unless from a single family).

Moving around

We will be using a one way system around the Hideaway and cafe. We ask that outside of the zones, you encourage your children to walk carefully, following the floor signs and stay with them at all times. We ask family groups to stay together (unless within a zone). We ask parents to keep the moving around to a minimum and stay with your children at all times. Parents and carers are asked to recognise that we need their help in order to keep one-another safe.