M31 Families

As a local organisation created by local people for local people, it's absolutely vital to us that families in Partington and Carrington have opportunity to make the most of the Hideaway and all we have to offer. 

M31 Club

The M31 Club has been replaced with Hope Centre membership. It is for local people and anyone with a Silver or Gold Hope Centre membership will be given a special code for their household to book the Hideaway with 40% off.

Joining the Hope Centre as a Silver member costs £1 per household per year. To join you click the link below or call in to the Hideaway. 


Community sessions

During the week we have dedicated play sessions for local families where children can play for just £2. 


During these sessions local experts such as health visitors or speech therapists will pop in and give you chance to ask questions if you want to grab them as your children play.