Mini Fundraising Heroes

This Christmas we're setting your family a challenge. We know that many want to help families who are struggling this winter, but don't have much spare cash themselves. Your kids could become one of our mini fundraising heroes this Christmas! 

We believe its never too early to help kids learn about those less fortunate, and to encourage them to help others. 

This Christmas, children who want to become mini fundraising heroes will be invited, free of charge to a very special dinner with Santa event on Monday 19th December to say thank you. 


What is it for?

This year one of our projects - the Hope Centre will be providing food, Christmas hampers, energy top-ups and even brand-new toys for hundreds of local families who simply can't make ends meet. We can only provide this support with the help of people like you. 

How can we get involved?

So, it's really quite simple. There are a few easy steps to getting involved. 

1. Speak to your children and see if they want to get involved. It's a great chance to explain to them that there are children less fortunate and this is a great opportunity to help as a family and do something special. 

2. Decide what you can do to fundraise. It could be a sponsored event such as a walk or sponsored silence (template form below), perhaps they could make and sell something. Perhaps they could run a car boot sale or invite friends for a special fundraising dinner party with tickets! 

3. Register with the form below to let us know what you're up to and bagsy your place at the dinner (hurry, spaces are limited!). 

4. Do the fundraising activity and collect in all the lovely money you raise! 

5. Let us know what you've achieved and how, ideally with a picture so we can shout about it and inspire others! 

6. Bring your invite and your fundraising to our special event on the 19th December, 4-6pm. We'll be having a hot buffet dinner with Santa, doing some Christmas activities, begging up all our mini heroes and of course, having a visit with the man himself with a special gift. 

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Extra info and resources

A few answers to your questions! 

Is there a minimum we need to raise?

No, we're deliberately not setting a minimum as we know that we all have different connections and resources available. For some raising £30 would be a huge achievement whereas some may feel comfortable with a target of £300 or more. It all counts and we know that whatever the target, you will do your best to raise as much as possible. 

Can we still come to the dinner if we don't meet our target?

Of course! We know that you will do your best for people that are in need. Your kids should be encouraged and thanked whether they smash it or don't quite get there. 

How should we make the donation?

You can do cash on the evening, bring a cheque or make a bank transfer. Bringing it on the night is great, but the sooner the better so that we can buy the food or toys to distribute in the run-up to Christmas. If you do make a bank transfer, feel free to bring a fake cheque on the night for a photo op! 

Can I bring my little one?

If you have little ones that are too young to take part in the fundraising, we of course wouldn't expect you to leave them at home! Just let us know on the form. 

Can both parents come along?

Yes of course, and we'll feed you too. We do ask though that as numbers are limited, just those involved in the fundraising family are invited and extras (friends, grandparents etc.) are not able to join on this occasion.

Do you have a template sponsor form?

Yes! You can download our template here. 

Is there anything we can't do?

Probably, but if there's an idea you think we're likely to be uncomfortable with for some reason, just let us know! 

Can we use JustGiving or similar to collect donations?

You can, however we do try to stay away from these type of sites as often such a huge percentage of donations end up in the pockets of the website hosts! If you prefer a system where your supporters can donate directly to us we're happy to provide bank details or a Paypal link, and a reference to use so we can allocate this donation to your fundraising efforts. 

Can we collect food or toys instead of money?

The short answer is yes, and if that works best for you fantastic (we only accept new toys for redistribution). However, lots of wonderful people do make similar donations and financial fundraising allows us to buy the things we're missing, and to buy in bulk/wholesale which means everyone's wonderful donations go a lot further.